Little Hands 

Manos Pequeñas

Helping the children of today, for hopes of a brighter tomorrow! 

Updates/ Current Projects:

CURRENT FINANCIAL NEEDS (listed in order from smallest financial need to the largest).

-Enclose the laundry room in the second caregiver's dwelling/ make it completely water and
mouse-proof  - $8000 USD

-Construction equipment (back-hoes, excavators, etc)

-A proper secure fence lining the property, including an automatic
door (the current fence is just chicken wire) - $23,000

-Construction for 3rd Home on the Property- $130,000 - $150,000 USD
(Completely off grid,energy efficient home)



•laundry stain remover
•laundry detergent
•toilet paper
•paper towels
•baby wipes
•Any tablets, or iPads which can be utilized for the children and their schooling

*Each donation if greatly appreciated and is tax-deductible if done through our funding organizations. Please see the "donate" tab of you have a desire to help support us in this way!*

From December 2014 to Present:

After many long months of working through government requirements and regulations, we finally received our first 3 babies July of 2016! It was most certainly a long, tiresome mountain to climb to reach this point. However, we trust God's hand and timing in all things. In this, we can remember, "Don't tell God how big your mountain is. Tell the mountain how big your GOD IS!" He can help us overcome all odds.

Below is the History of Events That Took Place to Get the Orphanage Up and Running:


•Legal Association developed in August of 2014
•Property purchased in October of 2014
•Director and Co-Director Daniel and Natasha Cervantes moved into the Main Home December 2014
• The house needed many repairs and renovations to meet DIF requirements. Most renovations were completed by April 2015.
•During this time, Daniel and Natasha were also working with the DIF to complete the necessary inspections and paperwork in order to qualify for receiving children.
• The first 3 children were received in July of 2016
• Lazar Stefko joined the Cervantes family as a caregiver in August of 2016
•Rebecca Florica (from Harrow) joined MP as a caregiver in June of 2018
• Jonathan and Carla (husband and wife team) joined in July or 2018
 Jonathan, Carla and Rebecca leave in 2019
 The Quinonez family joins Little Hands in August of 2019
 Daniel passes his role as Director to Jesus in October of 2019
 Leah Albu joins Little Hands in December of 2019
• Since then, many more children have come, and also been adopted out (over 30).

•City Inspection and Certificate
•State Inspection and Certificate
•Health Department Approval and Certificate
•Fire Safety Inspection, Training, and Certificate
•Building Structure Inspection performed by a DIF approved Engineer
•Electrical Inspection
•Gas Inspection and Certificate
•The Civil Protection Agency inspection and certificate
•And after all of these were presented to the DIF, they would then process everything together and grant a “License to Operate”

We plan to add more children and caregivers as the Lord provides.

Our property currently consists of two caregiver's dwellings (which can accompany 13 children at most) We will need to look at plans to add additional houses on the property with additional caregivers to act as relief caregivers, and each child growing up in a family-style setting. We believe this will be the best way to raise these precious children, and prepare them for their lives ahead and beyond these walls.

We will keep you all updated!

God bless each of you for your interests.

**Unfortunately DUE TO THE MEXICAN DIF PRIVACY POLICY, we  cannot post any pictures of the children on social media. **
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